As outdoor and trekking enthusiasts with a demand for good food, we faced the problem at the beginning of our journey that there were no light and nutritious provisions on the market. Even today, one almost only has a choice between flavour enhancer&palm fat bag food and shoe sole jerky. We had had enough of it, so we started making our own on-the-go provisions.

We are now pros at smoking, curing, drying and are particularly proud of our air drying skills. With our background in hunting, it was natural to apply this expertise to the best meat Mother Nature has to offer. We have since hung up our old jobs and are fully dedicated to this mission. Today, we are Europe's only specialised producer of air-dried game meat and stand out from similar products because of our focus on the best raw materials and the best meat. Hunting-ethical and sustainable, no flavour enhancers, no preservatives - pure nature!

With our air-dried venison, we want to give you a new taste experience that you can't find on the market before. Learn more about us, our game meat, its origin and our processing method here.





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