In the beginning was the taste

After numerous hiking tours of several days with conventional trekking food, we, Jana and Jens, had had enough of overpriced junk food: we started drying ingredients ourselves and creating our own dishes.

Venison  South African

As a passionate hunter and thanks to his South African roots, Jens came up with the idea of making his own air-dried game meat (biltong). First in our own oven, later with different homemade equipment that worked differently. This enabled us to produce our own provisions, which made our trips a real pleasure. 

Freedom and independence

On a longer trip to New Zealand with our children, we realised that we didn't want to go back to our old jobs in management consultancy or project management, and wanted to use our passion for the benefit of others.

Not only for us, but also for our clients, we see empowerment and freedom as the central driving force. We are working on videos about outdoor food and food preservation and will be happy to share our know-how with you on our Youtube channel and look forward to your feedback.

The Giant Mountains

Today we live in the Czech Republic because we found the ideal conditions for our business idea here. In the meantime, we have also arrived here with our hearts, enjoy the incredible beauty of the Krkonoše Mountains and would like to take these moments out into the world in the form of our products.


In times of factory farming with all its negative consequences, you don't have to become a vegan straight away. From our point of view, game meat is the best and most sustainable alternative. Since we cannot cover the demand for our company from our own hunting, we therefore only work with partners who make no compromises in terms of both quality and ethics. 

Our children, otherwise very critical when it comes to food, have quickly become big fans of Wild Hunt Biltong and enthusiastically accompany us on this journey, becoming part of our own sustainability concept.



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