Gently air-dried meat

Biltong is a form of air-dried meat that is characterised by its tender consistency. The gentle processing offers the connoisseur the opportunity to perceive the characteristic taste of the respective game species.

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Competence in processing

As we are the first and so far the only manufacturer in Europe to specialise in processing domestic game meat into biltong, we are very familiar with the characteristics of the respective game species and adapt both the recipe and the drying method individually.

Only the best ingredients and no additives

The basis is the traditional South African method, which works completely without food additives and high drying temperatures. However, the African production conditions can only be achieved in Central Europe with the use of modern technology. We use a specially designed drying system that achieves the desired result even in our latitudes with a minimum of energy and resources.

 Our method

We use only the hind legs, as this is where the most tender muscle meat with the least tendons and fat is found. Only rarely does excess fat have to be removed, which would impair its storability. The meat is cut into long strips, about 3x3cm thick.The marinade (depending on the flavour) is worked into the meat in a vacuum drum for about an hour. This achieves better results, both in terms of taste and hygiene, than the traditional overnight marinating in a closed container.

The strips move on a hook into our drying chamber, where sensors near the meat maintain a constant temperature of about 30°C and a relative humidity of also about 30%. A continuous air flow ensures that fresh drying air always flows in and the air saturated with moisture is discharged in a regeneration circuit.

After three days, we measure the residual moisture of the strips and remove the first, thinner strips. The larger ones remain in the drying process until the desired value is reached.

Actually, in South Africa we would already be done here, as the dried strips are usually sold directly there and eaten in a shorter time. But since biltong is not (yet?) marketed like sliced bread here, we pack our biltong in slices. It will then keep for at least three months in the packaging. Our laboratory tests are still running (as of the end of 2020). In the medium term, we are aiming for a shelf life of at least one year.


Low fat and high protein 

The result is an incredibly tender, tasty and protein-rich product that can be used not only as a snack, but also for cooking or refining salads.


You can find more videos on the production and recipes on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.