Challenge, integrity and empowerment are not only the driving force behind our entrepreneurial actions. Also in our family life, we take them into account before making any important decisions.

Find out more about what we mean by these terms:




A seemingly unsolvable task is not an obstacle for us but an incentive.


From the beginning, we didn't want to make just any Biltong. It had to be a damn good one. 

Sayings like, "But that's how it's done in the industry." rolls off us like rain on the feathers of a wild goose.

As industry newbies, we didn't just rely on opinions from people who make biltong themselves. We dived deeper into the matter until we really understood which biochemical processes take place during air drying - and we optimised all relevant parameters.

Likewise, we have demanded a lot from our suppliers. We do not buy meat of dubious origin! Only the best ethically and qualitatively, which comes from hunters we know either personally or through contacts, for whom we are prepared to put our hands in the fire. 



We do what we promise and we say what we do.


We offer transparency about our suppliers and our production process, and we don't just pay lip service to this. Check out Youtube, Instagram and our blog, where you can find our production rooms as well as lots of information about hunting in the Czech Republic and our suppliers



If we can't do something, it doesn't mean we can't still learn it.


DThe fact that we were not from the industry did not stop us from our business idea. On the contrary. What we had been practising privately for a long time anyway, we have now enriched with new expertise and combined with our professional experience.

We also understand self-empowerment as sharing our knowledge with others. It is not enough for us to know how to make good biltong. We also want to offer others, especially hunters, the possibility of new ways of meat preservation and new marketing channels.

Will this not create new competition for us? Sure, but then see the point "Challenge", which closes the circle again.